Tuesday, February 24, 2009

30 Signs That You’re Addicted to WOW

World of Warcraft addiction is a serious issue. Overseas there are actually rehab centers dedicated to this terrible affliction. Many of us have heard of the terrible tragedies of players actually dying due to too many red bulls and three days of hard core grinding. For some of us we are in denial, WoW is only a game that’s it. We forget that we only shower once a week, and all we eat is take out because there is not enough time to cook and get ready for a raid. As a way to help my fellow gamers, I’ve comprised a small list that will help us all face that addiction head on and spend more time in the real world. If you’re uncertain whether you have an addiction to WoW, check out the list, and see how many ring true.

30) Any in game friends you have, are only refereed by their main, and you have no idea what their real names are

29) Dominoes is on speed dial

28) Almost all of your pants seem tighter

27) One 80 level character is not acceptable

26) You’ve grown a tolerance to red bull

25) The thought of taking a break, doesn’t cross your mind

24) The only time you argue with your spouse is when you’re playing

23) There is a butt indent in your gaming chair

22) You talk to people online more then your family

21) When you’re around other gamers you constantly talk about WoW and nothing else

20) Other people get annoyed when you constantly talk about WoW

19) PVP’n gives you a sense of superiority over others

18) The application you filled out to apply to a guild was bigger then your work application

17) Every time you quit, you get sucked back in to playing

16) Being a GM makes you feel special

15) Cross dressing in real life is weird, but playing a female toon is normal

14) You use your sick days for when you need to level

13) You use your vacation days to take off for new expansion packs

12) You try and convert everyone you know

11) Watching videos and skits about WoW are hilarious

10) Your once colorful complexion has grown pale, and you’re beginning to look like your undead toon

9) Your friends have had to join just to hang out with you

8) You despise people that play Ally

7) You constantly say “I just want to get to the next level and then I’ll take a break”

6) The South Park episode of WoW, was a bit all too real

5) You’ve suddenly gotten carpal tunnel

4) You think that guildies are “real life friends”

3) Your guild website has gotten blocked by “Websense” due to the amount you were going on.

2) You don’t sleep because you raid

1) You’ve spent real money to buy gold online

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