Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bioware teases Mass Effect 2, advises to keep original savegame

Bioware have released the first trailer teasing the existence and plot of Mass Effect 2. You can view the trailer in full below, and cry as it implies that Commander Shepard, protagonist of the first game has met his (or her) fate.

Fear not though, my spacefaring chums! After many Bioware community members expressed concern over the hinted death of their favourite human Spectre, several Bioware employees over on the official forums hinted that gamers should keep their Mass Effect 1 saves.

They did not provide any further detail on how playing through the first game might affect the sequel, but it seems that at least something from the original game will carry over to Mass Effect 2.

EA has said that Mass Effect 2 will be released by April 2010 on ‘multiple platforms’. No word yet whether that is just Xbox 360 and PC, or whether PS3 gamers can join in the epic space opera antics.

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