Monday, February 23, 2009

Sony PSP 4000 rumours: slide-out screen, not PSP2

Rumours of the new Sony PSP 4000 have begun to surface, before the PSP 3000. If the “highly-trusted source” one site is quoting is to be believed, the Sony PSP 4000 will launch in late 2009 and isn’t a totally new PSP2 hardware platform. Instead it’s a radical redesign of the existing PSP.

The biggest and most obvious difference in the rumoured PSP 4000, confirmed by VG247’s source, is a sliding front-screen, with the buttons concealed while in storage or watching movies. It apparently looks a lot like the fan concept (thanks BluezPS) pictured here. Both VG347 and Eurogamer point to a December 2009 release for the hardware revamp.

However, with the Sony PSP hardware now looking incredibly dated and a lack of new exciting games rolling over the horizon, then it seems likelier that Sony will opt to bring forward the launch of a radically new PSP 4000, rather than trying to revive the already decomposing corpse of the current PSP. Or does the Sony PSP still get loads of play round your way? Answers, as ever, on a comment please…

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