Monday, February 23, 2009

Resident Evil 5 completed in 7 hours

Xbox World 360 Magazine has responded to claims they finished the long-awaited horror sequel in just 7 hours - considerably shorter than the "20+ hours" promised in US publications.

"As previously stated our first completion time, minus cut-scenes, was seven hours, thirty-six minutes and one second," the mag posted on its blog, even posting screenshots as proof. "For reference purposes, the total length of all the game's cut-scenes clocks in at 80 minutes.

"This time was achieved in single player and on the normal difficulty. This was not a speed-run, nor were we pressured for time, and was not, as suggested, merely the time to complete the first three chapters of preview code."

As the mag points out, this makes Resident Evil 5 considerably shorter than its predecessor - though you can't see everything in the new game that quickly.

"We wish to stress that you cannot see all there is to see in Resident Evil 5 in under ten hours - something which the review makes very clear. There are plenty of extras to unlock and reasons to keep playing. But the fact remains that the first run-through of the campaign is brief; especially when compared to 4's.

"We can only suggest that those citing 20+ hour completion times need to brush up on their gaming skills. :-)"

Read our summary of XBW's review here. Resident Evil 5 is out on March 23.

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